Daughters of Abraham

Daughters of AbrahamI like this book a lot and it has been very useful in my research. This is a scholarly engagement in interfaith dialogue but written in a style that is very readable and therefore accessible to a wide readership. What the female scholars of monotheistic faiths have in common here is their feminist approach to the scriptures plus the fact that they are also practitioners of the faiths they approach from an academic angle. The following is an excerpt from the product description. Just click here or on the image to go straight to the store.

“Based on the premise that women’s struggles to have their voices heard are shared throughout the monothesims, these essays offer new insights into the traditions of three religions during the past century. Six scholars engage in dialogue with their own faith communities, reflecting on their scripture and theology in order to understand the process by which women have been constrained within the patriarchal teachings of the religion. Looking at texts and narratives long utilized to keep women within boundaries, they open up the scriptures and traditions to a feminist interpretation of the historical teachings of their faiths.”

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