Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils: The Alchemy of Transformation on the Sufi Path

Walking the Sufi path is about being a traveller (salik) on a journey that will break all your expectations, crush your egoistic desires, and according to your sincerity, will bring you to a land without borders where love abounds. The journey hurts, love is often painful, but the heart needs cleansing before the soul is liberated and flies to the Beloved.

Maryam Kabeer Faye set out on this journey, both in the inner sense but also in the outer sense as she travelled both spiritually and physically around the world. In this book she shares her adventures and her sense of the interconnectedness of all things.

Born in a Jewish family, she was led to live in India and Nepal, and in monasteries in Europe, and then guided to embrace Islam at the hands of an ancient Sufi Master a few minutes away from the tomb of the Prophet Abraham. She then was guided to study intensively with Sufi Masters around the world. Her journey to the holy places and people of the earth, led her finally to Africa and the deep truth that all lives are totally interconnected and united with our own.

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