Speaking of Ibn ‘Arabi

Speaking of Ibn ‘Arabi and about the biography by Stephen Hirtenstein yesterday I thought I would continue to say more about the great Shaykh and include a few links and other books about his work. I have just added a new page in the Sufi Book Store which contains forty-two works by and about Ibn ‘Arabi. Many of these translations and commentaries are written by academics who are also ‘insiders’. In other words they don’t just study him academically but are also striving to follow the path and put Ibn ‘Arabi’s words into action so they become a reality in their lives and not just words on paper. I have certainly noticed a difference between reading the work of those whose interest is purely academic and those scholars who are also practitioners of what they study. Not only is their scholarship excellent but it is as if they allow the baraka (blessings) to flow through and on to the page. If you read with an open heart and don’t worry too much if you don’t understand everything then there is certainly an effect on the reader that I believe is similar to listening to the music of a sama’ (spiritual concert).

If you go to the Ibn ‘Arabi Society website you will find a list of numerous articles and translations here on their index page.

They also have a podcast page where you can listen to papers given at their regular symposiums in the US and the UK.

Here, on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, is a very good and thorough entry about Ibn ‘Arabi.

Here are a few of the books you can find at the Sufi Book Store

Set forth on a journey of discovery.


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