Where to buy black seed products

I had been using black cumin, also known as Kala Jeera, in Bengali cuisine for several years before I realized that it was the same seed that is so well known by Muslims as Black Seed and prized for its healing properties. I was delighted.

Sweet Sunnah are experts in the benefits of black seed and have a variety of medicinal and cosmetic products for sale.

clipped from www.sweetsunnah.com

is phytotherapuetic (Herbal medicine ) and has been known to reduce your risk to illness and disease by strengthening your immune system and protecting your body’s most important organs. It is a wondrous herb that has been used for centuries throughout the world for its many therapeutic properties.
Our goal is to provide you with a wealth of information, products and gifts that support and promote natural healing.

Finally, Sweet Sunnah Black Seed Herbals has developed an expertise in two domains, Black Seed therapeutic and herbal medicine products and, in a lesser proportion, Black Seed natural herbal cosmetics. The development of these lines of products is simply the consequence of answering to the demand from many of our satisfied customers.

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