Alternative Healing: The Sufi Way

STFor those interested in the art of Sufi healing you couldn’t wish for a more thorough and inspired work than this one by Shaykh Taner Ansari. It includes chapters on the spiritual being and the physical being with a list of ailments and appropriate remedies with verses from the Qu’ran and the Beautiful Names to be recited for each ailment. There is a section on diagnosis and another on the necessary preparation of the practitioner to move into a healing mode. The book was edited by Shaykh Kevin Germain (mentioned in a previous post on the sound of the universe). Shaykh Taner and his wife, Shaykha Muzeyyen, have been running workshops on Sufi healing in America, England, and Australia. I attended the workshop in London and benefited enormously from their marvellous sense of humour and sensitivity to the needs of all attendees. This book is a wonderful and very thorough accompaniment to those workshops but also stands alone as a potential bringer of great blessings to the attentive reader.

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One thought on “Alternative Healing: The Sufi Way

  1. you certainly are a lady of action Yafiah!

    Shaykh Taner and his wife just left for London, I think they are doing a special healing, that is all I know. Perhaps you’ll run into them again…

    selam alaykum Huuu

    sh kevin

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