Sufi Musicians

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For all those interested in Sufi music and Sufi ways of understanding and experiencing music there are some great articles over on Kevin’s blog, Acoustics, Health, and Sufism
He is writing about a fascinating theory on the sound of the Big Bang, well worth reading, and his latest post is about a theory of his own on musical adab and the way in which musical intervals correspond to psychological states or attributes. These are then related to the Names of Allah. I believe it is true that music communicates in a way that language cannot, or it is a different mode of communication which works on the soul in subtle ways. The idea of a musical adab is enlightening.

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2 thoughts on “Sufi Musicians

  1. sallam alaykum Katherine

    thank you for linking my post. I see that your book store has Shaykh Taner Ansari’s books, if you’ll notice I was the editor of his Alternative Healing: The Sufi Way book…. what could I do to entice you to review it for us?


    much sallams ~ sh kevin

  2. Salaam Kevin, you need do nothing to entice me but thank you for reminding me. I have three of Shaykh Taner’s books on my own bookshelf and it is my intention to do posts on them all. I attended Shaykh”s healing workshop in London. It was very good.

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