Sufi Teaching Tales

Laughter and tears, adventures, struggles, and lessons to be learnt, all with the promise of treasure far greater than gold. These are some of the elements of traditional Sufi tales whose aim is often to break down accustomed ways of thinking and make you feel perplexed. Hidden within the words of what might seem like a charming folk tale are the moments of bafflement when habit is challenged and a door is opened to a clear view of reality. A little like the Koan and Zen teaching stories, allow them to work on you and shed light on our all too human failings. Here are a few good collections of such stories.

2 thoughts on “Sufi Teaching Tales

  1. Salaam Tiel,

    Good to see you here. Thank you for the feedback. I’ve responded with a post on contemporary Sufi poetry above including your own.

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