Women and Sufism

Women have played an important role on the Sufi path and continue to do so today. The favourite teacher of Ibn ‘Arabi, the greatest Shaykh, was Fatima bint Ibn Muthanna. Ibn ‘Arabi speaks of her in his Ruh al-Quds alongside several other Sufi saints of twelfth century Al-Andalus. There are quite a few books written about, and by, Sufi women which you can find in the bookstore. Among these are Women of Sufism: A Hidden Treasure by Camille Adams Helminski in which she brings examples through history to the present day with excerpts of the writing of these women. There are also books on Sufi women of America, early Sufi women who lived before the tenth century, and works on Islam and gender from a theological and philosophical aspect. Click here to browse the selection.


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